Disposable Microphone Flag Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a disposable microphone flag. Some times you may need a microphone for a one off project and you need it quick and cheap. These disposable microphone flags are fairly simple to make and cost about one dollar to make. I have included an Illustrator template you can use to position your artwork. Download the EPS file here.


Use the provided template to position your artwork and print it out on Leagl size paper ( 8.5″ x 14″). Glue or spray mount the paper to the foamcore.

Use the crop marks on the outside and cut the artwork into 3 strips. Do not use the crop marks that say BEND HERE. DOT NOT CUT. When cutting, make sure you do not cut to the end of the foamcore. We want to leave a frame around the 3 strips, much like a picture frame (see step 3).

Step 3
Notice how the three strips have been cut but we left a frame around the cuts. We will use this frame to measure where the microphone will be folded.

Step 4
Flip the strips over so the artwork is facing down and reinsert the strips back into the frame.

Step 5
Use a pencil or pen to draw a vertical line from the crop marks that say BEND HERE. DO NOT CUT.

Step 6
Remove the strips from frame. Set frame aside. We will use it later.

Step 7
In step eight we will be cutting through the marks we made on the back of the strips. We do not want to cut all the way through the foamcore. You may want to put some tape on the blade your X-acto knife to use as a depth guide. This will keep you from cutting all the way through.

Step 8
Make you cut so it goes almost all the way through the foam core. Repeat this step one more time for the other mark on the strip.

Step 9
Turn you blade at a 15- degree angle. We are going to cut a “V” notch in the foramcore. Do not cut so deep that you cut the strip into pieces. See step ten for final cut results.

Step 10
Final “V” notch cuts. These cuts will allow us to bend the foamcore without it buckling.

Step 11
We are looking at the back of the strip in this photo. Now we can cut a small angled strip for each of the ends. We want the angle to run from the front of the artwork to the back. The width of the front of the artwork should remain constant. We do not want to remove any foamcore from the front of the strip. Place you blade as shown and cut straight down. Repeat for the other end.

Step 12
We are looking at the back of the strip with the final end cut.

Step 13
Place a bead of hot glue on one end of the strip. Fold the strip so the ends meet and hold until glue sets. See next step for glued up microphone flag.

Step 14
A triangle is formed when the ends have been glued together.

Step 15
Place the triangle on top of the pillow foam and trace the inside of the triangle with a sharpie.

Step 16
Inside of triangle traced onto pillow foam.

Step 17
Cut the triangle shape out of the pillow foam. Set it aside until later.

Step 18
Bring back the foamcore frame that we cut out in step three. Place the microphone flag triangle upside down on an empty area. Trace the inside and outside of the triangle.

Step 19
The traced triangle.

Step 20
Cut the triangle out of the foamcore using a ruler and the outside line you just traced.

Step 21
Using the inside traced marks, cut almost all the way though the foamcore like we did in step seven. Do not cut all the way through. Do this for each of the three lines. Then remove the small strips by cutting from the side. We are making a lid for the microphone flag that fits snugly inside. See next step for final cuts.

Step 22
The final cuts.

Step 23
Draw a circle in the center of the triangle. Leave about one eigth of an inch from the sides of the the triangle.

Step 24
Cut out the circle.

Step 25
Put a small bead of glue around the top edge of the microphone flag. Turn the lid over and insert into the microphone flag.

Step 26
The top is glued on. trim off excess lid that hangs over the edge of the microphone flag.

Step 27
Turn over the flag and insert the pillow foam triangle. Pull back the foam from each of the side a bit and drop in some hot glue to secure the foam to the microphone flag.

Step 28
Cut and “X” all the way through the foam using your X-acto blade. This will allow the microphone to slip into the flag .

Step 29
The finished product.

A finished product used in the field.